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Hi, you probably got here from a forum thread about John K. There are quite a lot of them, aren't there? They seem to never end. This wiki is supposed to help stem the tide of John K threads by summarizing all the usual information they contain. Please always provide the source of the information you post. Try to keep everything to one page so readers don't have to hunt through the wiki for information. Without further ado, the info!

The basicsEdit

Minor involvementEdit

  • What a Cartoon! John mentored the series's executive, Fred Siebert
  • Rough Draft Studios. John was their first client.
  • Mike Judge feels MTV was receptive of Beavis & Butthead thanks to the success of Ren & Stimpy.
  • Lauren Faust met with John for production tips on "happy cartoons".

John K dislikesEdit

  • Tiny Toons and Animaniacs - "Tiny Toons took everything we tried in Mighty Mouse that didn't work. They took all our mistakes, and created their own style around them." "It's terrible. It's absolutely horrible."
  • Contrived story points that make you sympathize with the hero.

John K likesEdit

People's opinion of John K from personal acquaintanceEdit

Gray dot Bruce Timm - Batman The Animated Series creator and the main influence over the DC Aniamted Universe

Excerpt from Modern Masters: Bruce Timm

Bruce Timm John K

Green dot Troy Little - Angora Napkin creator, Powerpuff Girls comics writer and artist.

TheInterview pg1 TheInterview pg2 TheInterview pg3 TheInterview pg4 TheInterview pg5 TheInterview pg6 TheInterview pg7

Green dot The Clampett family still likes John despite him completely bungling the revival of Beany and Cecil.

Red dot Ryan Khatam - animator

Oldmanhunger Capn pedo.4 Politicaluproar 01 Politicaluproar 02 Politicaluproar 03 Politicaluproar 04 Politicaluproar 05

Red dot Kyle Carrozza - storyboard artist

2011-06-03-They Were A Rip Off Of Silly Symphonies

Red dot Billy West - voice actor

Official message board post

Billy West John K

Red dot Peter David - comic book writer

Comic Buyer's Guide #1088

Words and pictures - PeterDavid

Red dot Bob Camp  - animator

Bob Camp Cartoonist Blog

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